You Can Now Rent A Cyber Friend (better known as an electronic pen pal!)

Pen pals are a great way to meet people from around the world. The old fashion way was done with a pen and paper…what is now known as a dying art: the hand written letter.

I’m sure many of the older readers will remember how pen pals would work. You would find a friend through a pen pal service that would provide addresses to correspond with new friends.

It’s fun to meet people from around the world, but it’s not fun having to wait for a hand written reply. I think this is the reason that pen pals are becoming more and more instinct. Now replaced with the digital kind. Not only can you find a cyber friend from around the world, but you can correspond with them nearly instantaneously! Formed in 2009, is the largest “hire a platonic friend” website in the world with almost half a million “Friends” available for hire.
People are using all different ways. Hiring a Friend to attend a wedding or business event with, to hiring a friend to go to the movies with. is not a dating website, and not an escort website. It’s only for platonic companionship.

One the first ways people used RentAFriend was for electronic pen pals, also known as cyber pals or cyber friends. These Friends are available for phone calls, emails, and even meeting in real person in a public place like a restaurant or mall. Search the worlds largest cyber friend network: